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i123 is a spreadsheet program for iPhone or iPod touch with charting capability.

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Quick overview

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  • Landscape and portrait views.

  • Charts (pie, line, bar).

  • Row and column insertion/deletion and resizing.

  • Single cell copy and paste.

  • Cell formatting (single cell or range) - font type and size, foreground color, background color, borders and alignment.

  • Cell type - number, text, date.

  • Zoom

  • 10 pre-defined skins (color schemes) plus you can create your own.

  • Comprehensive set of math functions.

  • For data protection, files can be saved using strong AES 256-bit encryption.

  • Export file in Excel 2003 xml format or CSV.

  • Import file in Excel 2007 native xlsx format, Excel 2003 xml format and CSV.

  • File transfer to/from a remote computer:
    • FTP client (download and upload)
    • HTTP client (download)
    • WEB server (download and upload using a web browser in the remote computer)