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IP Vision

IP Vision allows you to see "what IP cameras see" from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Be it an IP camera or a webcam (connected to a video server) in your home or office or a public camera anywhere in the world, you can watch the video or still images from anywhere provided you have a network connected iPhone/iPod.

IP Vision can retrieve images from a camera or video server in 4 different modes:

  1. JPEG - one image at a time is retrieved from the camera.
  2. MJPEG - a nonstop stream of images is sent by the camera.
  3. MPEG4 - a nonstop stream of images is sent by the camera.
  4. H.264 - a nonstop stream of images is sent by the camera.

Highest frame rates are achieved with MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264. If the camera is fast enough, one can get frame rates above 10 fps in JPEG mode.

With IP Vision version 4.0.0, one way audio (from camera to iPhone/iPod) is supported for cameras that streams MPEG4 or H.264 video with AAC or G.711 audio compression.

For any of the modes listed above, IP Vision needs to know a URL to retrieve the video stream. IP Vision has pre-defined URLs for cameras from several vendors:
ACTi, Airlink101, Airlive, Allnet, AVS Systems, Appro, Approx, Axis, BlueJay, Bosch, Brickcom, Cannon, Dedicated Micros, D-Link, Edimax, Encore, eRize, Eyseo, Flexwatch, Foscam, Gadspot, Grandstream, Intellinet, IPUX, LevelOne, Linkcom, Linksys, Marmitek, Mobotix, Ovislink, Panasonic, Pixord, Rimax, Seteye, Sharx, Sony, SpiderNet, StarDot, Techgear, Toshiba, SVAT, Swann, Techgear, Tenvis, Theva, Toshiba, Trendnet, V-Gear, Vilar, Vivotek, Y-cam, Zavio.
You can also type the URL for cameras from other vendors.
Additional URLs can be found in the Camera Configuration page.

Check the list of supported cameras. If your camera or video server is not listed please consult tech support before you buy IP Vision.

Note that there are several variants for MJPEG and MPEG4 encoding. IP Vision may or may not work with a particular implementation.

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Quick overview

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  • Unlimited number of cameras can be configured.
  • Easily view live video feeds from any camera (one at a time).
  • Portrait (320x240) and landscape (480x320) videos are supported.
  • Camera discovery on local networks.
  • Optional startup password.
  • Optional frame rate display.
  • Direct access to video streams from IP cameras. No additional software is required.
  • 3 cameras can monitored simultaneously. Two still images updated every X seconds and one in full motion.
  • Video can be scaled to fit the screen, resized to the max maintaining aspect ratio or shown at the original size .
  • A snapshot of the incomming video can be taken at any time. Snapshots are saved in the iPhone/iPod photo library and in IP Vision's data area that can be accessed via WiFi or 3G/EDGE.