Software Design

Net Video

Net Video allows you to watch live video from a camera equipped iPhone/iPod/iPad on a web browser.

You can transmit real time video to one or more web browsers on PCs, Macs or other mobile devices.
No additional software is required, just a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Pictures from photo album can be trasmitted in a slide show fashion.
Note that for devices that don't have a camera, transmission of pictures from the photo album is the only option.


  • Front or back camera selection (on supported devices).
  • Multiple simultaneous connections are supported over WiFi or 3G/CDMA.
  • URLs are advertized over the WiFi network. From Windows or MacOSX machines the stream can be accessed with a simple mouse click.
  • URLs can be sent to a friend via email or SMS (on supported devices).
  • Over 3G/CDMA video transmission is capped to 2 frames/s. There is no limit over WiFi.
  • Optionaly 3G/CDMA network ip address can be exported to a dynamic DNS service.
  • Access to the video stream can be protected by a password.

Universal app, supports iPad native resolution and iPhone/iPod.
Includes English and Portuguese localizations.

You can expect very good results on a local area network using WiFi.
Via 3G/CDMA it all depends on network bandwidth and latency.

Watch a video of Net Video in action.
It shows an iPod streaming to Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer simultaneously.
First Net Video streams a slide show from the photo album and then it switches to camera and streams live video from the iPod camera.