Software Design


The following tools are currently available:

OTA install helper - IPAtoOTA

IPAtoOTA is a MacOSX command line tool that extracts information from ipa files and creates everything needed for over-the-air (OTA) app install.

With IPAtoOTA, creating your own repository for OTA install of apps you have purchased from the app store is straightforward.
Copy your ipa files to a directory, run IPAtoOTA and copy all files generated by the tool plus the ipa files to your web server.

Wireless distribution of apps requires a manifest file for each app. The manifest is a file in XML plist format and contains name, version, identifier and a link for the ipa that will be installed. IPAtoOTA creates the manifest for you reading data from an ipa file.
Read Distributing Enterprise Apps for iOS 4 Devices for more details. The document describes the process for in-house apps distribution but it also applies to apps your have purchased.

Note: you can only install apps you have purchased. Your iDevice must have the AppleID used to purchase the apps configured otherwise the app won't run.

Download the tool: version 1.3.0

IPAtoOTA creates a manifest file (xxx.plist) for each ipa it finds.
It also creates 3 html files (iphone.html, ipad.html and iall.html)
iphone.html contains links to install apps created for iPhone/iPod
ipad.html contains links to install apps created for iPad only
iall.html contains links to install universal apps (iPhone/iPod/iPad)

Load one of the html files in Safari and tap the link for the app you want to install


iOS 5 Desktop shortcuts

Want to add shortcuts to your home screen (desktop) to speed up access to different settings?

Developed by myself and a friend from the tool allows you to select individual shortcuts to install.

Just enter in the iPhone/iPad/iPod Safari.
Tap an icon to install a single item or tap checkboxes and press the "Install Custom Bundle" button to install several items at once.


This tool installs configuration profiles. To delete go to Settings > General > Profiles, select a configuration profile and tap Remove. All icons included in that profile will automatically be deleted.

There are other free and paid tools around that implement the same effect. This one offers the same results, without the need to install an App or to do use any gimmick like going back to Safari to add the icon.